Greyhounds chasing over a wall. In the background a large dog's head.
A large metal chair covered in graffiti
The Beginning
A fairy and two wolves
The Fairy and the Wolves
A neon sign in the shape of a large green leaf hangs in a tree
The Children’s neon leaf
A pair of eyes in black and white on a distressed copper plate
Metal Eyes
Two men squat on a loading dock with the word boy dash spray painted on the side. Behind is a door spray-painted in bright colors
Pojkstreck (Boys Antic)
A black-and-white skull, which is part branchwork, looks up at the sky
Throwing Leaves Against Machines
A girl in a red dress on an electrical cabinet
Nonna On Electrical Cabinet
A girl in carpenter's trousers holds up a cranberry straw. She is standing on a grass-lined road with high-rise buildings in the background
Girl with Wild Strawberry Straw
A wall has been given the shape of a train with little ghosts, all painted in black and white
The Ghost Train
A skull in pink and black and white painted on part of a wall
A child sits on an old-fashioned bomb where the stub is lit.
A Child on a Bomb
An old graffiti wall with faded paintings.
Graffiti Paintings
A child in a red shirt sits on a swing with his back to us. The swing is painted on a door and hangs down from the door sign.
Children on Doors
A pattern in strong colors winds along the foundation of the house
Winding Pattern
On one door is an invented written language written in three layers
Cryptic Alphabet
A girl in a red Japanese-inspired dress painted on a house plot
Nonna on the Facade
A painting with many musty colors depicting fancy birds with bows around their beaks in a jungle
The Confidentiality Lady
A gentleman in a black top hat and black suit but also partly graffiti painted in bright colors
A blue tit with its wings spread painted on a bridge
Blue Tit
A full bridge is covered by a gridd, a pattern that bends and bends the bridge's former.
Gridded Bridge
Under a bridge bracket there are glittering butterflies and little fairy children
Butterflies and Fairy Children
A face made of colorful patterns
On an island there is a small figure surrounded by water with shark fins and a jungle. In the jungle there are more small figures and one of them reaches towards the figure on the island. Between them is a heart.
A Love Crush
A colorful pattern reminiscent of textile art
Greetings to Spring and Summer
A black and white badger is painted both above and below a staircase
A large matryoshka doll in bright colors with symbols such as an extended middle finger and roses
A woman with one eye and flowing hair where there are small houses painted in purple tones
Woman with One Eye
A four-leaf clover painted over with lots of straight lines in different bright colors
The Pursuit of Happiness
fjäril och sagobarn
Butterflies and Fairy Children (indoors)
A miniature woman with her back to the viewer appears to be standing and waiting for something
Woman waiting
A couch that looks like a mouth with bright red lips
The Happy Widow
A huge blue arm sticking out of the ground and in its hand it holds a large white round globe
The Blue Arm

Woman with One Eye

A woman with one eye and flowing hair where there are small houses painted in purple tones

The woman with flowing hair and one eye is an artwork by the Argentinian street artist Caro Pepe. Initially, she painted in a studio, and street art was still unfamiliar to her. When she went on holiday to Berlin, she disliked the feeling of being a tourist, so she considered taking a course in something. The encouragement from the German street artists was “Look! Here’s a wall you can paint on!” Caro tried it, and even though it wasn’t a particularly large piece, it took a week to complete, but she was hooked! The opportunity to take up space and express herself was something she enjoyed.

The woman you see in front of you came to the artist on a sleepless night in Buenos Aires. She began sketching a large head, a small body, and big eyes on paper, and that became the basis for her characters. The piece on the wall explores an inner world and the complexity of emotions, representing the artist’s alter ego. She speaks and acts in ways the artist doesn’t quite dare, communicating fully without fear but with a fragility that Caro Pepe doesn’t recognize in herself.

The woman becomes her parallel personality expressing an opinion about something the artist herself experiences and witnesses. The one-eyed aspect symbolizes the limited perspectives of people and how through that limitation, we construct a reality that may not be whole and true. The hair fluttering in the wind becomes a symbol of freedom, carrying all the memories of places she’s visited and people she’s met.